Blaupunkt Orlando MP46 CD receiver

Blaupunkt Orlando MP46 CD receiver

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Blaupunkt Orlando MP46 CD receiver key features

RDS radio with single play CD / MP3 / WMA deck. Unit will handle CD-R and CD-R/W media. Front panel flips down to insert CD.

Quality full-graphic display can be set to any of 4,096 different colours to match your car's interior. Attractive black front panel with silver details and red control button illumination.

Security is assured with a removable front panel and two year anti-theft insurance included.

Powerful 4 x 50W amplifier with loudness and Sound Presets tone control.

Speed dependant sound control can automatically increase volume with vehicle speed.

Easily upgradeable with connections for remote control, CD changer, external amplifiers, car telephone and personal hi-fi auxiliary input.

Radio tuner features:

  • LW / MW / FM waveband coverage. 30 stations can be preset
  • RDS-AF (alternate frequency) feature inaudibly retunes the receiver to the best available signal for the station that is currently set
  • Travelstore automatically stores the six most powerful radio stations transmitting locally in the FM memory bank
  • TA (traffic announcement) will switch station for the duration of a traffic report. The original station is restored at the end of the report. Tone, balance and volume of traffic announcements can be independently set
  • PTY-EON (programme type) information displays and allows selection of similar types of programme (news, pop, classics, sport etc.). Program types can be assigned to preset station buttons
  • Preset scan will play all receivable stations for a period (can be adjusted between 5 and 30 seconds)
  • Switchable hi-cut filter improves reception of weak FM stations by reducing treble

CD features:

  • Will play standard audio CDs and CD-R&R/W discs
  • Fast searching, random play, track scan, pause and track repeat functions
  • Display can be set to show a combination of CD name, track number, track time or clock time during playback
  • CD text information (if present on disc) can scroll across display if selected
  • Compatible Blaupunkt aftermarket CD changers can be connected

MP3 / WMA features:

  • Up to 999 MP3 / WMA tracks can be handled. Tracks can be grouped into a maximum of 252 directories. Directories can be nested into an unlimited number of levels
  • Support for variable bit rates between 8 kbps and 320 kbps
  • Both directory and file names can be displayed. Unit will also display ID-3 tag  (type 1) information
  • Display can be configured to always scroll directory / file / artist / track / album name once, every time a track is selected
  • Fast searching, random play, track scan, pause and track / directory repeat functions

Amplifier features:

  • 4 x 50W max power amplifier (4 x 25W RMS). Separate adjustments for treble, bass, fader and balance
  • Speed dependant sound adjustment automatically increases volume, by one of six profiles, to compensate for increased noise at higher speeds (requires provision of GALA speed pulse by installer)
  • Source-specific sound adjustment. Bass, middle, treble and sub-out settings can be different for each sound input source
  • Equaliser is preset with settings suited to either POP, ROCK, or CLASSIC music styles
  • X-BASS loudness sound enhancement for low level listening. Programmable in four stages for a full sound at low volumes (each audio source can have its own level setting)
  • Power on, muted, telephone call and navigation announcement volumes can be independently set
  • Four channel (3.0V) preamp output for connecting external amplifiers (requires accessory cable)
  • Separate preamp output for subwoofer with variable level and cut-off frequency settings (requires accessory cable)

Other features:

  • Blaupunkt compatible infra-red remote controls can be added as an optional accessory. Unit can be linked to many makes of factory-fitted remote controls with an additional adaptor
  • Telephone audio can be fed through radio's amplifier and listened to  via vehicle speaker system (requires accessory lead)
  • Auxiliary input facility to connect external walkman MP3 device etc. (requires accessory cable) (Not available if CD changer is connected)
  • Timer allows one hour of use with ignition switched off, to protect vehicles battery
  • Power-up message of up to 9 characters can be programmed and scrolled when radio is turned on
  • Full graphic display illumination colour can be set to one of four preset colours, or manually adjusted to any one of 4,096 different shades
  • Display brightness during day and nighttime can be adjusted to suit viewing conditions
  • Display angle (contrast) can be adjusted to suit viewing angle
  • Display can be switched to negative or positive appearance
  • Clock display (12/24hour) can be selected. Clock display can show continuously when any audio source is in use or unit is switched off, but ignition on
  • Red control button illumination
  • TMC output for feeding compatible Blaupunkt navigation systems with traffic congestion data, when tuned to a station broadcasting TMC information

What's in the box?

  • Orlando MP46 radio CD receiver with mounting sleeve
  • Black plastic carry case for front panel
  • Radio removal keys
  • Rubber rear support with extension piece
  • Pair of front panel retaining clips
  • Operating and installation instruction booklet
  • Anti-theft insurance registration card

Security, warranty and insurance:

  • Two year manufacturers warranty
  • Two years free theft insurance (requires online or postal registration within 14 days of purchase)
  • Detachable front panel (with black carry case)


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